School Safety and Security Services Summary

pic_typorgaphyOur safety program is built upon three philosophical cornerstones: compatibility, prevention, and partnership. Policies attempt to prevent accidents and incidents before they happen, including procedures promoting both internal controls as well as conversation with parents regarding awareness and encouraged involvement. These policies also attempt to simultaneously preserve the basic style and mission of our educational philosophy. We feel that together, the resulting measures combine to promote a healthy, safe and rich school environment for all parties concerned.

The following is a list of specific measures currently in place to promote the happy and healthy well being of our community.
Note these measures are described with a basic educational or school environment for context.

Child Supervision and School Personnel
Parents and Authorized Parties
Facilities and Neighborhood Supervision
Emergency Response Services

Families are encouraged to participate in conversation with school staff regarding school safety in order to determine what additional precautions may seem appropriate for their particular situation.